New Zealand’s black gold

For the past 18 months, questions about the country’s truffle industry have been sitting at the back of my mind. Finally, in June, I was able to drive to Paengaroa near Te Puke to tag along with the season’s first truffle hunt at Maureen and Colin Binns’ truffière. It was really interesting to hold an entire truffle in my hand and inhale its aroma. In an industry known for its secrecy, it was really refreshing to have Colin and Maureen speak so openly about their passion for truffles and to learn exactly how they are grown and harvested. If you get the opportunity to be in the area in truffle season, go book a ticket for one of their truffle hunts. The truffle dogs are cute too!

A freshly dug truffle at Te Puke Truffles. PHOTO: HELENA O’NEILL
Jed the truffle dog. PHOTO: HELENA O’NEILL

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